Strath Tirry Wind Farm

The Strath Tirry Wind Farm project will consist of four turbines with a tip height of up to 135m and an energy storage system with a combined generating capacity in excess of 20MW and associated infrastructure.

Who We Are

Since 2005, the team at REG Power Management have been dedicated to developing a variety of renewable energy projects to help in the shift to a zero-carbon future. REG is based in the UK and has, to date, developed over 1GW of wind, solar and bio-fuel projects in the UK, Poland and Canada, with over 40 projects built and in operation today.

REG and Renantis

REG have entered into a partnership agreement with Renantis to bring forward the Strath Tirry Wind Farm. REG and Renantis are working together to secure planning permission, build and operate this project. Renantis will be the owners and operators of the Strath Tirry Wind Farm.

About Renantis

Renantis is an experienced worldwide player in the development, construction, purchase and management of wind and solar power projects at all stages of their development. Renantis has a proven track record of successfully developing, constructing and operating wind projects across Europe. Renantis owns a wind and solar portfolio of 1123 MW in operation with over 400MW of onshore wind operational in the UK across 12 sites.

Renantis has UK offices in London and Inverness. Inverness houses our construction team that is engaged directly with pre-construction, construction and post-construction activities.

Paul Adkins, Strath Tirry Woodlands

Paul Adkins is the landowner of Strath Tirry Woodlands and bought the property with a view to moving to the area. Paul is keen to invest locally and has committed to donating the equivalent of one year of Community Benefit Funding from the project into a Local Infrastructure Fund for the benefit of the immediate local residents.

“My ambition is to move to the Lairg area with my family and this project will give us that opportunity. I see this project as a great way to help out with the community that my family wants to be part of.”


Q3 2020

Public Consultation

Q4 2020

Submission of Application

Q2 2021

Determination of Application

Q2 2022

Construction Commences

Q2 2023

Wind Farm Operational